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©2005 Becker Studios

We fabricated this display out of fiberglass for H2O's high traffic, flagship store in New York.

Retail Environments

Our contribution to the greatest show on earth

Shopping has been called America's most favorite form of entertainment. So who better to help you craft an environment for successful sales than a company with more than 100 years of experience crafting entertainment experiences? From exterior and interior signage to fixtures and merchandising displays and entire store environments, we can help you develop the retail theater that builds buzz, captivates customers, and drives purchase decisions.

©2005 Becker Studios

We used mahogany to craft these doors and windows that have become a signature elements in the restaurant.
©2005 Becker Studios

Needing to hold up against Chicago's weather extremes, we used steel and epoxy to craft this eye catching three-dimensional exterior sign.







©2005 Becker Studios

From the entire main game room to the serving counter to the serving counter in the party room, we crafted every design element in Odyssey Fun World,® including an 8-foot tall model of Chipper,® the company mascot.
©2005 Becker Studios

This solid oak display cabinet is both functional and attractive, and serves as a subtle reinforcement to the restaurant's Oak Tree name.